What is Communications Manager?
Communications Manager is much more than an "online box" for file sharing. It's a social collaboration workspace that connects information and people, regardless of location. Small, medium and enterprise businesses alike can work together on documents, calendars and even shared tasks like never before. Drive production speed within your project team, and extend your existing technology. Communications Manager is also the best way to retrieve and resurface your files to your iPad.

Welcome to a new way of work. . . welcome to a Web-based social collaboration workspace for your teams!
It's all in the Cloud!
Don't worry about connecting to a network drive back at the office, we've got you covered. Communications Manager is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. That means your workproduct is securely stored on our cloud servers, backed up and safe. Today you need a Web browser to access, but coming soon
- use the App!
Communications Manager 5.5 includes:
Complete Work Team Document Management System
Upload*, edit, check out/in, forward content via email, access documents with full security and access control image/video repository. Upload and manage images vital to your project progress.
Work Team Task Management System
Manage team or project group tasks to keep your project on time and under budget.
Group Calendaring
Keep your team all up-to-speed with shared group calendars. Easy to use and visible for all to see.
User and Group Administration
That's right! Manage your own users either by individual or group level control. It's that easy.
*Communications Manager 5.5 supports Internet Explorer 7, 8, Firefox 3.x, on Windows. Mac users can use either Safari or Firefox. Documents must be uploaded via PC or Mac (App coming soon!) iPad users should use Keynote for showing office docs on the iPad.
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